Jumping Off a 10 Meter Cliff

It is currently Summer in New Zealand, and I have been on holiday, which is why I haven’t posted in a while.

A Kiwi Summer is what I live for. Not too hot, not too cold. Harsh, glorious sun. And swimming. Oh swimming. How I long to be swimming from the moment I wake until my head hits the pillow.

There is a popular swimming hole that I have been going to as often as I can. About a 8 minute swim away from the main area is a massive 10 meter cliff. I remember coming here last year, and not even bothering to walk up the path to the top because I was too scared of my death. But this year I decided to get over myself and do it. If other people do it, it must be safe right?

I worked my way up to it, jumping off smaller cliffs first before I was ready to do the biggy. I’m not going to lie, it did hurt a bit. But the adrenaline rush and the feeling of success made up for the pain. I can proudly say I’ve done it 5 times now.

So, what exactly is the point of this story? Not only is it to boast about my braveness, but it is also to encourage you to step out and try something. Even if it scares you. Even if it really could be a life or death situation. There are plenty of adrenaline pumping activities just waiting for you in New Zealand. My parents always tell me “If your friends jumped off a cliff would you?”, but hey, what if your friends just know a good thing when they see it?


Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Finger spraying sun tan lotion

If you are planning on coming to New Zealand in the summer months sunscreen is a must! Unlike other countries, it is a lot easier to burn in New Zealand. This is because there is a hole in the ozone layer above us. In summer you can get sun-burnt in 10 minutes.

To stay safe the most important thing is to wear sunscreen. A sunscreen of at least 30 SPF will be fine.  Try to apply this 20 minutes before you go into the sun, and don’t be skimpy when it comes to the amount you apply.

Late Night Poets

Now, I may be bias, but I honestly think New Zealand puts out some of the greatest music.

Late Night Poets is a little-known band that is definitely in my top 3 favourites. I saw them at a festival earlier this year and I immediately fell in love with their sound. They have just released the song Feeling Kinda Dirty on Soundcloud and you all need to listen to it now!

That’s all for now, so go… listen.


New Zealand’s Top 3 Cities

New Zealand has some incredibly beautiful cities. Sometimes the cities can be overlooked by the attractions. If you want to bungy jump you go to Auckland. If you want to jet boat you go to Queenstown. If you like The Lord of The Rings you go to Matamata. But here is my list of my top 3 favourite cities.

3. Napier and Hastings

I know, I know. You’re probably wondering why two cities are on the list, but they sort of come as a package deal. If you visit one you might as well visit the other. They are only a 22 minute drive away from each other. Both Napier and Hastings have some really cool Art Deco. Napier has the National Aquarium of New Zealand. Hastings has a great water park. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

2. Queenstown

Queenstown is known for it’s spectacular beauty. The picture really speaks for itself. It is in the bottom of the South Island so it can get quite cold, but it’s definitely worth the shivers. Queenstown has a ton of attractions, although most of them cost a fairly large amount. Depending on the time of year there is skiing, bungy jumping jet boating and so much more. Even if you have a low budget Queenstown should definitely be on your bucket list; there are some beautiful natural attractions you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Wellington

My love for Wellington can not be put into words. Even though Auckland is a lot bigger and busier it doesn’t have the culture that Wellington does. Wellington definitely captures the ‘heart’ of New Zealand. There is a huge artistic culture about it, and everything is just so beautiful. Shout out to the shark wall (which is a must see).

My Travel Playlist

There’s nothing better than going somewhere new. And ther’s nothing better than a good playlist. So why not mix the two together? Here is my ultimate travel playlist.

A Sky Full Of Stars- Coldplay

Feel Again- OneRepublic

Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap

Runaway (U & I)- Galantis

Elation- Isbells

From Finner- Of Monsters and Men

Fire Escape- Imaginary Future

heart- flor

Pay The Price- Harry Seaton

Lost and Found- Us and Our Daughters


The Ugly Side

New Zealand is a great place, and is hard to fault, but there is one problem I run into constantly.

Binge drinking.

It might seem like I am overreacting. I mean all teens drink, right? Well in New Zealand it seems that the drinking culture has gone too far, and the whole point of it is to not remember anything the next morning.

Music- The Big 5

There are soooo many great artists from New Zealand. Some of whom you will have probably heard of, and others who are just big in New Zealand. In this post I will list the most talked about/famous artists from NZ.


Lorde’s is a massive international act whose hometown is in Auckland, New Zealand. She has had many hit singles and won 4 New Zealand Music Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, 2 Billboard Music Awards, 1 MTV award and 3 World Music Awards. Her song ‘Royals’ was a massive hit, but my favourite was ‘Team’. Continue reading